Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jokes on brahmin

Q:"How do they take the census in Kannauj (Lot of Brahmins?) ?"
A:"They roll a ruppee down the street."

Q: How many Brahmins does it take to change a light bulb ? Has not yet been determined.
A: They are still searching for a Vedic reference to light bulb.

Man says: Did you hear about the New Brahmin sports car?
Woman says: no.
Man: It stops on a coin and picks it up to !!

Q: "What do Brahmins do when they are cold ?"
A: "They sit around a candle!!"
Q: "What do they do when they are really cold ??"
A: "They light it!!"

Q: "How do you recognize a Brahmins house ?"
A: "There is toilet paper hanging on the clothes-line."

Q: What is a Brahmin's idea of open-mindedness ?
A: Dating a Tambram [ Tamil Brahmin Girl ].

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